How BridgeStacks Helps You to Rank Your Business through Local SEO

How BridgeStacks Helps You to Rank Your Business through Local SEO

The term Local SEO is used for optimizing your website for the search engines using the keywords that are targeting people in the specific area. For example, organic SEO will probably target “Taxi service”, while local SEO will target “Taxi service in Washington” for the whole state or “Taxi service Almira Washington” for more specific search. As Local SEO is an important part of any successful SEO strategy, BridgeStacks is one of the companies who provide Local SEO Services and can rank your business through Local SEO. This post describes how BridgeStacks works with Local SEO, which are the factors to consider and what techniques are used for it.

Why Should We Use Local SEO?

That is a very valid question that what are the benefits of Local SEO and why we should use it? Local SEO is about using specific techniques to help your website rank higher on search engines in local markets. It’s exceptionally helpful for businesses with physical locations. Organic SEO targets the larger market, therefore, you will be spending more money and time for it. For example, you have a Taxi Service in Almira Washington then it is not logical that the people searching for Taxi Service in London find your website in search result. You only need to be visible to the people who are searching for Taxi Service in Almira Washington. The more general your keyword will be the more effort (in terms of time and money) is required to rank that keyword. So, if you have the business which is location specific than you must use Local Search Engine Optimization for better and quick results.

Techniques Used for Local SEO

Citation, Listing and reviews are the techniques used for Local SEO and all these include accurate business name, Address and Phone number (NAP). It is really important that NAP of your business must be the same everywhere you listed your business online to drive search engine ranking.


A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) but don’t necessarily provide a link to your website, if NAP of your business is listed in an online Business Listing Pages but doesn’t include the link to your website then this is Citation and Search Engine responds well to Citation.


These are online profiles that not only include the NAP of your business but also some other details too like promotion, working hours of your business and Closed days etc. There are many websites where you can list your business free like Google+, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages etc. When you add you listing on any business listing site then you have to verify your business and sometimes you have to meet certain criteria to add your listing.


Reviews are the most user-friendly and attainable form of Local SEO. Reviews are very beneficial to business because they serve as a living reputation and reviews have SEO value as well if you have a lot of good reviews that can increase your business local ranking.

These are some techniques used in Local SEO, BridgeStacks have the team of experience professional who are expert in all these techniques and can rank your business through Local SEO.


So we can conclude from this article that the results of Local SEO are similar as Organic SEO. But if you have a business that provides services to people of more than one country, for example, if you have a software development company than you target must to target as much audience as possible and for this purpose you will target those keywords which are used by the people around the world because by doing this you will definitely reach more customers and will get more business.

And in contrast, if you have Local Business than Local Search Engine Optimization is already enough because you are only interested in those people who are nearby in your area of operation. If you have Local Business and you go for Global SEO or Organic SEO you will spend your energy, time and money on those people who would convert to the customer because you are not in their area or country.